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Your Low Carb Food List Can Save your Waistline

Your Low Carb Food List Can Save your Waistline

When you first start a low carb diet, you may think that staying off the obvious ones, bread and pasta etc, will do the trick. However, there are many things you may not even think of, so it is best to make a comprehensive list of everything you eat that contains carbohydrates. This will also enable you to highlight what is going to be most tempting for you eat, and what supplements you may need to take because of other nutrients contained in these foods.

If you can manage to stick at it, this list should aim to record everything that you consume for an entire a week, and then you should look back at the packaging to find out the carbohydrate content. You will then be able to find out which foods to avoid, which you may just be able to get away with, and which are completely void of any carbohydrates, and you should eat loads of!

Next, you need to take the list of things that you cannot eat, and find out which of these you are going to find most tempting during your diet. This should include things like bread for a quick sandwich, crisps and chocolate. Make sure that everything is on this list that should be.

Then you can take this list with you to the supermarket and try to find low carbohydrate alternatives to everything you can. This way, you are far less likely to want the real thing, and delay your weight loss. To further help this possible problem, get rid of anything you’re not meant to eat from the cupboards.

Two of the main dietary substitutes that you can make are replacing all fizzy drinks, which are high in carbohydrates, with their diet versions, which don’t contain any, and also using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. You will be surprised how much of a difference just these two things will make.

Another thing you can do with your list is to find out what major food groups you are already missing out on, which will help you far longer than the diet will last. Doing this will enable you to make immediate changes to your diet, particular regarding mineral intake, which will be deprived once on the low carb diet anyway.

After this is all finished, as long as you think you can still stomach it (excuse the pun), you should be fully ready to start dieting. Good luck!

Creating a list of low carb foods is one of the single most important steps in a successful low carb diet plan. Learn more about low carb dieting and foods at

In the fourth video of the “Atkins Diet Quick Hits” series, I deal with a question I get from new people asking about a certain lower carb food or frankenfood and if it is ok due to its low carb. It is often not on the Acceptable Foods List or filled with ingredients not on the list. This is when I get into the discussion why the first phase of the diet is more than just reduce your carbs to less than 20g per day. Here are the main goals of any Induction phase: 1.) Get into ketosis and see its benefits 2.) Get used to the food selection 3.) Control one’s eating habits and prove that control to yourself 4.) Set stage for future weight loss and ability to detect future problem foods when you readd them later Not following the Induction rules and the Acceptable Foods List erodes the guarantee of your success. Atkins Induction Rules: Atkins Induction Acceptable Foods List: You can also watch my Induction videos to see my take on Induction Phase.
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