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What’s All the Beef About a Low Carb Diet?

What’s All the Beef About a Low Carb Diet?

Does a low carb diet actually work or can it potentially be harmful to you? People who have followed a low carb diet have seen successful results. However, these individuals quickly regained their weight after stopping the diet. This should not be surprising to anyone since no specific diet will work for everyone. Let me go into detail on a few facts and difference of opinion with medical experts out there.

When we think about a low carb diet we draw a conclusion that people are eating an unhealthy diet with no fruits or vegetables and people are following a high fat pork and bacon concept since the popular Atkin’s diet was introduced. Most will validate that this is only promoting heart disease and a short life span for everyone. Now, let me address a few points about low carb diets so you can make your own decision.

1. Researchers have stated that a low carb diet has improved people with high blood pressure and individuals who are diabetic.

2. People think that low carb diets discourage people with eating fruits or vegetables. A matter of fact, fruits or vegetables are the carbohydrates eaten when on a low carb diet.

3. Low carb is often considered no carb with most people. However, most authors have never stated to stay on a low carb diet but temporary for 1-2 weeks the most.

4. I believe the carbohydrate intake should be adjusted to that specific person.

5. A low carb diet will include inadequate amount of fiber. On the contrary and there are low carb foods high in fiber.

Foods that are referred to low empty carbs are foods not rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients to make us healthier. Often people follow the quick results of a successful high fat and low carb plan. However, you will regain the weight quickly after you stop the low carb diet. The sensible choice or an adequate plan should consist of lean meats, low fat, healthy fats such as olives, avocados, nuts, and fatty fish. Results will promote more of a successful weight loss .

My thoughts and beliefs on a low carb diet would conclude it to be healthy or unhealthy depending on that person. What I mean is it depends if that person is selecting the right foods going into their body. Does that suggest we eat all beef, meat, or eggs with no fruits or vegetables in our diet? My approach is that you still need to include vegetables like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, leafy greens that contain phytonutrients or fiber that is important for everyone. When following a low carb diet it should include enriched foods rather than hot dogs, bacon, or pork as your protein intake. Choosing the correct foods is the key and eating reasonably through out the day that includes protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

The most important question you need to ask yourself is “am i willing to make a permanent change in my lifestyle”? Making a diet change permanent is following a healthy diet. No diet out there will last if you are not ready to make those changes for yourself. When it comes down to it, the people who are successful or achieving a balanced weight have not only followed a healthy diet but included exercising in their life. So, what kind of exercise routine should I follow? Well lets leave that for another author since its time for me to grab a nutritious meal!

Richard Chan is a Health and Fitness Life Coach promoting harmonization with the mind, body, and soul. An individual that is keen in precision training to his clients resulting in optimal results. An experienced trainer that has coached professionals, police personnel, and athletes in periodization. In addition, he will introduce Qi Gong to his clients so they will maximize their training potential. This involves an understanding of exercising their internal health and controlled breathing. For more information you can reach him at

Additional contact methods: Twitter: bowulf Blog: IM or Skype Contact Me First How to Atkins Diet TV: In this video, I deal with the issue of planning and how to resist temptation with a tool that should be in every low carbers possession, especially new ones. That is a low carb emergency kit. This kit should help resist temptation by reminding you why you want to lose the weight and take care of any hunger pains. What’s in it: (Food) * Beef Sticks — no sugar or corn syrup * Summer Sausage * Nuts (portioned 1 oz packages) * String Cheese * Protein Shake * Flax granola / cookie Non-food: * Before Photo * Why you want to lose the weight (Negative / Positive) * List of the Atkins Induction Acceptable Foods List Much thanks for ideas of the list to 2big4mysize and Laura Dolson ( low carb guide)

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