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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Low Carb Diets?

Before starting a low carb diet, you’re probably curious what the actual pros and cons of low carb diets are, right? Looking at both pros and cons can help you make a more informed, educated decision as to whether a low carb diet is right for you, so let’s summarize some of the common pros and cons of low carb diets here…
Pros: The pros of low carb diets are fairly easy to list, and they include things like: Quick weight loss, never going hungry, eating really great foods, still having sweets, and it’s easy to get started.
Cons: The cons of low carb diets are also fairly easy to list off, and these include: Giving up bread, giving up pasta, giving up real sugar, pastries, cakes, cookies and other common snacks. Other cons of low carb diets can include having bad breath, seemingly bland or boring food choices, and going through withdrawals.
Now that we’ve summarized those pros and cons though, let’s look at some of them in detail.
1. Pro: It’s easy to start low carb diets, but Con: It can get a little expensive. Unfortunately buying lots of meat and fresh veggies can be hard on the budget. High carb and high starch foods are cheaper to buy, but you will pay the price eventually with obesity and associated health problems.
2. Pro: You never go hungry on low carb diets, but Con: You can’t always eat what you’re craving. One of the best reasons to choose a low carb diet is because part of the goal is to never allow yourself to go hungry. You don’t usually restrict how much food is eaten, just what kinds. The downside of course is that you can’t always eat anything you want on a low carb diet. But this is true of any kind of sensible eating plan. If you want to lose weight, you have to be willing to give up certain types of food. And with low carb diets, you give up major sources of bad starches and sugars.
3. Pro: Going on a low carb diet will finally get your daily cravings under control. But Con: You have to go through withdrawals first. When you first start a low carb diet, you will experience sugar withdrawals – usually in the first three to five days. And these can be difficult to wait out. You’ll have headaches, sometimes a bit of dizziness, and you might be a bit lethargic too. You’ll also have severe sugar cravings.
Once you get past those initial days though, you get to experience a wonderful thing: You no longer have massive sugar cravings. You no longer get the urge to grab some candy or a soda at two or three in the afternoon, and you no longer feel bloated and gassy every time you eat. Many people also experience much more energy at this point, and of course they’re thrilled to see the weight is already starting to come off by now too.
So now that you know some of the biggest pros and cons of low carb diets, you might find it easier to decide whether starting a diet of this type is something you feel would be right for your personal lifestyle and preferences.

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