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Weight Loss Programs Based on Carbs

Weight Loss Programs Based on Carbs

Maybe you need to lose a few pounds. Maybe you’ve needed to do this in the past a few times also, and you did. The only thing is it took a long time and the weight somehow “found” you again. This time your thinking you might try a diet that is based on carbohydrates. Limiting carbohydrates has been proven to work in the past for many people so what have you got to lose? Weight, that’s about it.

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There are several low-carb diets out there today. Some people swear by the idea and others think it’s a passing fad. The thing is though that an increasing number of food stores and restaurants are jumping on the low-carb bandwagon. If you like fast food low-carb may be a good choice for you.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “carbohydrate” or “complex carbohydrates” before. Maybe in something you’ve read maybe in a nutrition or science class back in school. They provide your body its fuel. The simplest is glucose; it flows through your bloodstream so it becomes available to every cell in your body.

Complex carbohydrates are known as starches. It is made up of a chain of glucose molecules. Our digestive systems break down these carbohydrates into its component glucose molecules, then it can enter the bloodstream. It takes longer for our bodies to break down starches. The thing is our bodies also use protein and fats for fuels so we really don’t need the carbohydrates, at least not the complex ones that take so long to break down.

Low carbohydrate diets simply put proteins at the bottom of the food pyramid instead of carbohydrates. This means you eat more proteins and the least amount of carbohydrates (which moves to the very top of the food pyramid).

Net carbs are what low carb dieters watch more than anything. You can figure out a net carb count of a food by subtracting the dietary fiber and sugar alcohol content (added together) from the total carb count of a food. The lower of course the better.

Many fast food restaurants now have carb watchers menus available.

These diets do work, and many people really lose weight very quickly on them. Others find them impossible to stay on. Some people are more “addicted” to carbs than others. No matter what though, before you make a decision as to what kind of diet to try do some research so you go into it with your eyes open.

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