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The Truth About Low Carb Foods

The Truth About Low Carb Foods

Calories are simply the measure of heat or energy that you derive from any food, be they carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. The truth about low carb foods is that they have fewer carbohydrate-derived potential energy, but because they may also contain large amounts of fats, they are not necessarily foods for the sluggish as well.

You may have been offered low carb foods in your supermarket to supplement the starchy foods that you might have to eliminate from your low carb diet. The truth about low carb foods that have carbohydrate substitutes is that they contain even more protein and fats to make up for the solidity that carbohydrates bring. This is true about pasta and ice cream substitutes, all of which may even scrimp on flavor.

The truth about low carb foods that are used to substitute for the real thing is that they may actually be more dangerous for you if you have kidney problems or a tendency to have increased levels of uric acid in your blood and joints. Excess proteins can force your kidneys to work overtime; the truth about low carb foods and a low carb diet is that you need to constantly drink large amounts of water to flush your toxins out.

Low carbohydrate foods need not have lower amounts of calories: they will have fats and proteins to provide the energy that you need. This energy has to be burned, or you may end up adding to your body weight. Not eating carbohydrates can actually work to your disadvantage: carbohydrates contribute to increasing your brain power, because your brain needs glucose to function; indirectly, carbohydrates can help you maintain bone mass, because large amounts of protein can actually make you lose protein when you urinate.

Above and beyond all this, the truth about low carb foods is that they should not be the only element of your fitness regimen: you need starches, exercise, and sleep to keep you completely healthy and illness free.

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