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The Real Truth Behind Low Carb Diets and Weight Loss

The Real Truth Behind Low Carb Diets and Weight Loss

What’s the real truth when it comes to low carb diets and weight loss? Basically, low carb diets over the long term just does not add up to weight loss, period. Are you surprised? I’d expect you to be since everyone talks about low carb diets like it’s the path to real weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, you can lose weight when you first use low carb diets at first but if you keep going with this diet, your weight loss will stop cold and possibly put yourself in a bad health situation.

So for those who have not heard, by some strange reason, low carb diets tell you to, essentially, avoid carbs and eat more protein and fat. If you break it down and actually try it, it does work; I won’t deny that. Why does it work? Because carbs can make you gain weight when you eat it in excess because carbs are more easily and more readily stored as fat in your body. So it makes sense that if you were to avoid it or even just minimize it, your body will turn to the fat stores that are already there as energy. The trick here is the false hope – you’re losing weight at first and you’ll feel great but if you stick with it, you’ll stop losing weight and start losing something else.

The one good thing about low carb diets is that it gets you to avoid certain foods that aren’t the best for you anyways. These are anything from junk food to ice cream to soda and sports drinks. The high sugar content and carb content in these are not a wise food choice.

But there is a big reason to minimize your use of low carb diets. When you start using this diet, your body gets used to using up those fat stores in your body, which is great. But once those are gone, because you’ve stopped eating carbs, there are no more fat stores. Once they are gone and you’re not supplying more through your food intake, your body does something that is automatic and natural for it: it goes and uses up your muscle tissue as energy. Muscle tissue is nearly just as good, if not better, as a source of energy but it’s NOT what you want to use for energy because without muscle tissue, your body is weak beyond belief, which completely defeats the purpose of dieting for nutrition and general health and well-being. You’re also losing the very muscle mass that you’re working so hard for!

Without a doubt, the best, most effective way to lose weight is to use the low carb diet for about a week and then start making GOOD healthy lifestyle choices from there on out! Incorporate good carbs (not junk food, not soda and not sports drinks) back into your diet and stay with your diet and bring in exercise! This is the best way to lose weight because it incorporates everything that you’ll need to do it with you general health in focus. Exercising is a great way to bring your healthy diet to the top and to lose weight more effectively and with the longest lasting results!

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