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The Low Carb Stevia Tortilla Treat

The Low Carb Stevia Tortilla Treat

Here is a quick recipe for a light, low carb treat to try. It’s like toast with cinnamon and sugar. First the recipe and how to make it, then a couple of additions and changes to expand on the idea to make more use of the ingredients in meals and snacks.

This cool treat works great for low carb and low glycemic eaters.

The Necessary Ingredients:

1 Mission Brand Carb Balance Fajita size Tortilla

These are low carb tortillas. They come in 3 sizes, fajita, soft taco, and burrito. And two varieties, regular white or whole wheat, both have high levels of fiber.

The white fajita size shows 5g net carbs for one tortilla, which is 12g carbs total, but 7g dietary fiber. The whole wheat fajita has 4 net.

Ground cinnamon, any good one will do.

Powdered Stevia

Try Optimum Nutrition Stevia Powder or another good brand. For those not familiar with stevia, it is a plant extract that tastes sweet but has no calories.

Stevia originates in South America, but has spread all over the world. In Japan, for instance, diet beverages use it as a sweetener. It is not a concocted or chemical created sugar substitute, but a plant extract.

It has a slight aftertaste, but comes directly from nature. You could, of course, substitute nutrisweet (aspartame), or Splenda (sucralose) as a sugar substitute. Or even xylitol or sorbitol, which are low glycemic, but not low carbohydrate.

To make the treat:

Fry or butter the tortilla. When frying, stop while the tortilla is still flexible, but has some golden spots on it.

To make this extremely low fat, use that butter spray or just warm the tortilla. As another option, cook the tortilla in a hot frying pan without oil, or even toast it in a toaster for about half the time needed for a slice of bread. But without the oil from frying or the butter or spray, the cinnamon and stevia probably won’t stick.

Sprinkle on some cinnamon, about a quarter of a teaspoon over the tortilla, to taste.

Sprinkle on some stevia, just a little. It is something like 500 times as sweet as sugar, so use it sparingly. About half a teaspoon or less should be plenty.

This makes a nice low carb snack. The tortilla even has 3 grams of protein.

Other Ideas

Use these tortillas for other things as well. Try making tacos and quesadillas.

For quesadillas, just put about one quarter cup of shredded cheese on the tortilla after frying or cooking it, then heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds. This is similar to a cheese sandwich. Eat open or folded. Try putting in a slice of turkey, ham or roast beef, and create a great hot sandwich.

For tacos, just use regular taco fillings, but using the low carb tortilla as a shell and cut down or eliminate the beans – hardly any difference. And they make great low carb chips. Cut them into chip shape and just fry them till crispy. Most salsas have few carbohydrates. These tortillas make Mexican food work great for low carb and low glycemic eaters.

Also, stevia fits into tons of things, for example, homemade lemonade, like this: A glass of water, add about 5-10 drops of stevia liquid, and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, to taste. A very refreshing lemonade.

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