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The Low Carb Diet

Millions of people worldwide are trying to lose their excess weight in the goal of looking and feeling better and having a healthier life. Dieting is an essential part of a weight loss routine, and there are many different kinds of dieting programs out there. Of all the dieting methods available today, a Low Carb Diet is amongst the most popular right now.So, what exactly is a Low Carb Diet? Let’s find out.The main focus of a low calorie diet is to cut down drastically on the amount of calories in the food intake. Since typically carbohydrates contain the majority of the calories we consume, this diet reduces our carbohydrate intake. This results in less calories being added to the body and hence causes the fat deposits in the body to be consumed for energy generation to meet the its requirements.Some of the common Low Carb Diet plans are:- Atkins Diet- South Beach Diet- Bernstein’s Diet- Sonoma Diet… and other variations on the same.What are the Benefits?- Weight loss- Reduced muscle mass loss as compared to other diets- Lower levels of blood pressure- Decreased blood glucose levels- Increased energySome myths associated with low carb diet plansThere are a lot of myths associated with low carb diet plans. Its detractors portray it as some kind of unhealthy life style which results in deficiencies in the body. This is far from the truth. Fact is, a low carb diet followed properly and under the guidance of an expert, will lower the weight in a gradual and healthy way. The diet should be a balanced one and include fruits and vegetables in an adequate proportion.A word of cautionAny diet program does not work for everyone. Do remember to consult a physician before embarking on any diet.Alternatively, a better way to lose those pounds might be to follow a complete system which takes into consideration the body’s nutritional requirements and keeps your muscles also active.

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