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The Low Carb Diet

The Low Carb Diet

The low carb diet is one of the most talked about and well known diets around right now. Specific low carb foods are now showing up in stores and on menus around the world. This is probably why when the average person decides they want to lose weight, the first thing that enters their mind is the low carb diet. In this article I will explain what this diet is, if it actually works, if it is required for weight loss to happen, and whether or not you should do it. I will also list some low carb foods and explain the difference between good carbs and bad carbs.

How is a low carb diet supposed to work?

The idea behind the low carb diet goes something like this… carbs raise blood sugar and insulin levels. This leads to weight gain. So then, less carbs means less weight gain. Your body also uses carbs for energy. So, if you start eating mostly low carb foods and therefore restrict the amount of carbs you take in, your body will use glycogen and stored fat for energy instead, which is a process known as ketosis.

Is the low carb diet a “gimmick” diet?

On the surface, the low carb diet is a gimmick diet (aka fad diet). By gimmick diet, I mean it is based on the gimmick of eating “low carb.” The reason this would be considered a gimmick is because, while these types of diets CAN work, they are NOT something that is required for weight loss to happen. Eating mostly low carb foods isn’t necessary at all, actually. See, for the average person, weight loss occurs when one thing and one thing only happens. That one thing is when your daily calorie intake falls below your daily calorie maintenance level. That’s CALORIE… not CARB. Let me explain…

Every human body has a certain number of calories that it requires from your diet each day in order for it to maintain your current weight. This is called your calorie maintenance level. Let’s pretend for example that your maintenance level is 2500 calories. So then, if you started eating 2000 calories a day, you would lose weight. If you still ate 2500 calories a day, but then burned off 500 through working out, you would lose weight. If you did a combination of both, you would lose weight. So generally, weight loss is all about calories, not a low carb diet and eating low carb foods.

In the simplest sense, calories are what really controls a person’s weight. Eating less of them is what will make weight loss happen. And, if you greatly limit your carbs, you just so happen to end up limiting your calories as well. Weight loss diets are all about limiting something. In that sense a low carb diet is a lot like a low calorie diet, except it limits JUST carbs. For this reason, I don’t know why these types of diets are so popular. Why put such a big limit on only carbs when you can put a much smaller, much healthier, and much more proportionate limit on protein, carbs and fat as a whole? This way you wouldn’t have to eat only low carb foods. This way your calorie intake would decrease by restricting a little bit of everything (protein, carbs and fat) rather than JUST carbs alone as you do on low carbohydrate diets. Go and have at look at one of the best products just click here

Simon Fusco

In this video, I deal with another viewer comment on why do people not lose weight or suffer weight loss stalls / plateaus. The first answer is “is it really a stall?”, “Have you lost any inches not just pounds?”, and “Have you not lost in more than 4 weeks?” If you satisfy these above question, this video is for you. Here is list of reasons that I go into in this video: 1.) Eating too many carbs (hidden carbs / underestimating) 2.) Undereating – starvation mode dieting 3.) Dehydration 4.) Overeating 5.) Too little exercise 6.) Stress 7.) Food Sensitivities / Candida In the next video I will touch upon your response. Here are some other good low carb resources: They as well as years of helping others assisted me in making video
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