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Maintaining A High Protein Low Carb Diet

Maintaining A High Protein Low Carb Diet

To maintain a good weight and stay healthy, exercise is the best way to go. However, without a proper diet the exercise will be useless because the food you take in is the back end of each exercise and the body. To sustain this balance while losing weight, a good diet will be to go through a high proteins low carb diet. A diet like this will give you the fundamental nutrients and keep you active and feeling healthier. Here are some reasons why you should maintain and go through this diet.

Metabolism speeds up. The body is always in direct relation to metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more fat it burns. On the other hand, slower metabolism means slower burning and more stored fat will be in place. Going through a high protein low carb diet will naturally speed up your metabolism because it will not store so much calories and glucose within the body. Apparently, carbohydrates are known for their calories and glucose counts which becomes stored fat. This is the reason why it should be cut down. Protein should out weight the carbohydrate intake because for one, the body’s muscles need it for repair and second, it makes you feel full faster.

Beginning the high protein low carb diet plan. Everybody needs carbohydrates to function because this fuels energy. But cutting it down to a precise number will keep everything in balance. To begin the diet, you should always maintain at least one hundred grams of protein daily. This could be divided within the 3 meals of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between and after dinner. You are possibly going to look at eating eggs, fruits vegetables and meats more this time around to sustain the diet and keep that high protein churning day in and out. However during your lunch, you may want to put in the carbohydrates so energy does not run out. Keep it in a controlled number where in you do not become sleepy or too full after eating.

Advantages. With the maintenance of a high protein low carb diet, you are still eating correctly and at the same time eating foods that you never thought you could have eaten with other fad diets. Because of the diets’ balanced intake, you do not feel being deprived. Yes at some point you’ll miss the burgers but sooner or later, it does not feel right to eat so much of those. The grease going through your body can easily be felt because you have shifted to something cleaner and more sustainable than just oil and fat. Burgers though, cooked and prepared manually are still a good way to get the protein and be on a low carbs. Just try to avoid the fast food chains and you will certainly feel the difference.

On top of feeling better, you are becoming more disciplined. Sticking with the plan keeps you in track of what you should be doing. This may seem like a minor advantage to some, but once you apply this discipline that you have gained from dieting alone to other aspects of your life, everything becomes more fruitful and eventful especially with day to day living. provides information on Glycemic Index Food List that will help people with diabetes, and to promote the maintenance of heathy body.

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