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Low Carb Veggies

Is this your first low carb diet? Or have you attempted them in the past? Either way you can discover that finding a variation of foods that you can eat does take some careful planning. Many low carb diets consist of just eating a lot of meat but this can soon become tedious as it’s tough to get flavours in there to make things different. Well did you know that there are lots of low carb veggies that you can add to your meals to add taste and flavour but without the carbs?You can include so many mouth watering veggies and enjoy every single meal. No more dull old beef steak or chicken breast!Here are only some of the low carb veggies you can add to your meals today:BroccoliLettuceCabbageSproutsCeleryBasically most’green’ veggies can be eaten plentifully on a low carb diet. Some others you can include on a smaller scale are:MushroomsCucumberBeetsSweet PotatoPeasAsparagusNow try and imagine what you can do with some of these vegatables and some meat. Well let’s just take a look at an easy recipe you can make right away.Veggie MeatloafTo make a vegan meatloaf will take you simply an hour at most. Then each slice you eat will just be 2-3 carbs maximum and you’ll be ready to get around 8 slices out of it. It contains plenty of low carb veggies too.So what do you need?1 Pound of lean ground beef1 Pound of ground chicken1 red pepper ( massive ) 2 spoons of cubed carrots1 celery stalkQuarter of a cup of mozzarella cheeseQuarter of a cup of scraped parmesan cheeseAnd then what to do with it all:Add all of the beef into a bowl and mix together with the egg. Then add the veggies into a saucepan and saut them with a bit of butter till they’re soft. Leave them to cool down for 10-15 minutes before adding them to the meat. Then mix it all together correctly ( yes, you’ll have to get your hands soiled ). When you have done this, add all of the other ingredients apart from the cheese. Put it to the side and turn on your cooker to 375 degrees F and allow it to preheat. Then put the meatloaf into the cooker for around forty five mins.Enjoy your low carb veggies!

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