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Low Carb List Essentials

Low Carb List Essentials

Having a list of low carb foods you can use in a pinch is essential for any low carb dieter’s success.  Build your list with these foods and succeed in your quest to lose weight the low carb way.

Low Carb Food List

•    Heavy Cream
•    Luncheon Meats
•    Low Carb Wraps/Tortillas
•    Cream Cheese
•    Salad Mixes

Heavy cream can be used as a base for low carb soups and also whipped with sweetener for a great guilt free dessert.  Try adding a little bakers cocoa and sweetener to whipped heavy cream for a delicious chocolate mousse that will cure any dieter’s craving for a sweet chocolate treat.

Luncheon meats are a great choice for lunch or a quick snack.  Try spreading cream cheese on a slice of hame and rolling up with a dill pickle, that is one of my favorite quick snacks. 

Low carb tortillas are a great staple, they can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner.    Stuff them with luncheon meats and veggies for a filling lunch or cut into strips and bake for a great crunchy snack. 

Cream cheese is so versatile.  Adding a bit of cream cheese as a thickener to your soups makes them creamy and rich.  Using cream cheese you can also make a low carb cheese cake that is so yummy you won’t miss the crust. 

Salad mixes of course are on everyone’s list of low carb foods, but you can use those salad mixes to add zest to your lunch wraps by stuffing them chock full of veggies.  I use salad mixes this way to save time on all the cutting and chopping for lunches.  Just grab a handful of salad mix, some luncheon meat and mayo and roll up your wrap for a crunchy satisfying meal. 

A little imagination goes a long way in adding variety to your low carb diet.

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