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Low carb food list

Low carb food list

In case you’re searching for a Low Carb Diet Food List then this article will point you in the right direction. More than ever, people in millions are now becoming more and more health conscious and hence looking at several alternatives for weight loss.


There are several Low Carb Diet Food Lists available in the market today and people are gravitating towards them in hordes in their eternal quest for quick weight loss. Low Carb Diet Food List is quite popular in several diets such as Atkins, South Beach and Zone diet et al. If you are one of those looking for Low Carb Diet Food List then you first need to understand as to how exactly a low quantity of carbohydrates is responsible for reduction in weight. Low Carb Diet Food decreases the synthesis of insulin in the body and hence plays a vital role in weight reduction. This happens due to the fact that reduction of insulin synthesis forces the body to use stored fat and muscles for energy needs. As you can see, going on a low carb diet for weight reduction is a very natural way for quick weight loss without spending a lot of time in gym. Of course, if you’re a kind of person who has no problem in handling weights in gym then you can very quickly lose weight by going on a low carb diet in addition to sweating out in gym.


Another bit of good news for people going on low carb diet is the fact that there is no shortage of sources when it comes to searching for Low carb ones. In fact, there are several naturally occurring low carbohydrate sources which can be rotated for all three meals so that you never get bored from your diet. Here are some of the low carbohydrate sources in different categories: Low Carb Diet Food List for Vegetables: Vegetables are often encouraged in almost all the diets be they Atkins or South Beach or Zone and the reason for that is pretty simple – Most of the vegetables are low in carbohydrates except for a few which are rich in carb content.


A wide array of vegetables can be consumed while going on a low carb Diet. Some of these are lettuce, spinach, chard; beans, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms, cucumbers, all kinds of peppers, onions and all kinds of herbs. The vegetables which need to be avoided are Beets, Carrots (on some diets), Corn, Parsnips, Peas, Plantains and Potatoes in all forms in addition to Winter Squashes. Low Carb Diet Food List for Meat: For lovers of Non vegetarian food, there’s even more good news that almost all the popular diets recommend meat and other protein rich food when it comes to going on a low carb diet. Since meat is a rich source of protein, it is used extensively by the body for the formation of muscular tissues.


There are very few Meat based foods which are not recommended in a low carbohydrate diet. For example several organ meats are known to contain rich reserves of carbohydrates and hence Atkins recommends to limiting its quantity to a maximum of 4 Oz per day.



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