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Low Carb Food List – Discover How to Control Your Diet For a Healthier Lifestyle

Low Carb Food List – Discover How to Control Your Diet For a Healthier Lifestyle

Do you have a low fat and low carb food list? It is not uncommon to hear from someone that they are on a diet. But actually, after looking up the definition of diet, you’ll understand that everyone is on a diet all of their lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on a healthy diet, but your diet is how and what you consume from day to day.

Eating nutritious food is an important way, along with regular exercise, to maintain a healthy body that is lean and muscular. To keep a strong, healthy body we must build muscle and lower our fat levels by avoiding fatty foods and limiting low carb foods. For us to be able to do this, we need to be aware of which foods are high in fats and carbs. That is where a low fat and low carb food list comes in handy.

Having a low fat and low carb food list to refer to is a great way to start the monitoring of your diet. A low carb food list is a list of foods which have a low number of carbohydrates in them and on top of that, are present in the glycemic index. White refined sugar is at the top of the list with the highest rating of 100.

Ratings in the glycemic index range from 0 to 100, with these ratings showing how fast the sugar from carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream. A rating of zero indicates that the sugar enters the bloodstream slowly which helps diminish the storage of fat and prevent health problems such as diabetes and hypoglycemia.

A rating of 100 on the other hand indicates that the sugar is being immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. As a general rule of thumb, a rating of 50 or lower for food on the glycemic index indicates that this food is better for your health.

These foods are known as “good carbs” because they are mostly complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are necessary for the brain to function properly and for the body’s energy. It is impossible to live a healthy lifestyle without any carbohydrates.

Therefore, selecting the correct carbs is essential for maintaining a healthy body. A low carb food list with references to the glycemic index will assist you in deciding on which foods to eat. For example, white bread is rated very high on the glycemic index (up there with sugar) and you would be wise to substitute it for whole grain bread.

Eating sweet potatoes rather than white ones, choosing whole grain products rather than processed ones will pay off big time for your health and well-being in years to come. There are specially prepared versions of food products such as pasta, baking powder and even peanut butter that are produced to be healthier.

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