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Low Carb Diets – Answer to Healthy Weight Loss?

Low Carb Diets – Answer to Healthy Weight Loss?

It’s all the craze right now, these low carb diets. Everyone who’s anyone is trying it out to lose weight. Sounds fun right? Looks healthy right? Well, you’d be wrong. Yes, low carb diets do make you lose weight initially, but have you actually seen people keep it off after the initial honeymoon phase? Not likely.

But all hope is not lost. There definitely are ways to make a low carb diet work for your weight loss goals, to fine tune and perfect this type of diet. You will need to focus on controlling your body’s cravings for certain foods, particularly sugar cravings. These are bad, no matter what way you look at them; sugar cravings are bad.

Regular low carb diets don’t focus on controlling sugar cravings. You would need to do this by producing and stimulating more of the fat-burning hormones, rather than the fat-storing ones in your body. I can hear everyone now, wondering that there are different types of hormones. Well, absolutely there are! The fat-storing ones are so common in today’s foods, with all the junk food and fast food places throughout; it’s very likely that you, yes you, are eating a food that is promoting the fat-storing homrones.

Here is a perfectly good reason why low carb diets are only a temporary fix (that is if you don’t focus on fat-burning hormones): there are plenty of long-term health risks closely associated with low carb diets. You might be kind of confused because all of the media has been telling you that low carb works! Well, they’re wrong. Low carb diets don’t provide lasting weight loss results. What they do provide are potential long-term health risks. One in particular for women is osteoporosis.

Think about this one too: your brain has so many amazing capabilities and all we need to do to keep it strong is to make sure it’s taken care of. So pause your weight loss ideas for now. Low carb sounds great but really, your body needs some sort of sugar or glucose to function properly. Odd as it may sound given the above info, your brain in particular definitely needs some glucose, not enough to keep you on your weight loss plan forever but still enough to function on a daily basis.

Other health risks include over-consumption of saturated fat, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. So while minimal sugar intake is a great plan for losing weight, cutting sugar completely out will harm your body; low carb diets promote cutting out sugar completely. Clearly not a wise choice.

So when you are contemplating all the diets and weight loss programs available now, make sure to research each of them thoroughly to see if losing weight with that method isn’t going to result in health issues later on; as much as fads are cool, make sure to avoid jumping into things blindly, and weight loss programs definitely count.

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So I FINISHED another week of Induction on Low Carb. That makes a total of 3 weeks. I just started phase 2 today. I don’t think I’m going to add bread back into my diet just yet. I think the only change in food I’m going to make is adding back in some fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. Towards the end of the week I was really stressed out so I over ate at meal times. My GOALS for week #4 on Low Carb *Add fruit back into my diet *Add oatmeal back into my diet *Drink more WATER! *Work out 5 x this week I found another Low Carb goodie for my coffee: Coffee Mate Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel It’s super yummy and only 1 carb per serving!
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