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Low Carb Dieting – It’s not About Eliminating Carbs

The low carb diet revolution may have slowed down a bit, but the fact is that there are so many people that have just starting this style of diet plan. With all of the yoyo diets around, people are looking for a true diet plan that will aid in shedding off the pounds quickly. The biggest question when it comes to low carb eating is how healthy is it? Traditionally, calories were what dieters counted. They had charts and scales to insure that they were eating the right amounts of food at a certain caloric level each day. Although trimming calories can result in weight loss, it is not the goal for a person following the low carb way of eating. So what is it that low carb eaters count? Just as the name implies, it is the amount of carbohydrates that is the significant part of the plan. What many people don’t understand is how it works. When you keep your carbohydrates down to a certain level, your body looks for a source for energy. Since there is a reduced level of carbohydrates, your body then goes down to the next step…burning fat. Yes, fat can be used as an energy source. Keep in mind that you are still eating the minimal amount of carbohydrates, not eliminating them from your diet. In a traditional diet, people stay away from fatty foods. If you are using the low carb diet plan, you will be eating fatty foods. Whether you are eating a steak, some fish, or even nuts, there are oils and fats that you’ll be consuming. What you must consider are the types of fat that you’re eating…as there are bats that are bad for you such as the ones in margarine. These are often referred to as trans-fats. So will your health improve or go down the hill while following the low carb diet plan? While following this diet, your insulin levels will decrease, your cholesterol will lower, your blood pressure will lower, and your blood sugar levels will stabilize. This are all moving you into a healthier position. Another thing to consider is your nutrition. While eating low carb foods, you may be reducing nutrient rich foods which can be high in carbohydrates. So it’s important that your body gets all of the vitamins, minerals and fiber so that your body gets the recommended daily levels. The easiest thing to do is take nutritional supplements. Just remember, everybody is different. Remember to ask a diet professional about any diet advice, especially if you have pre-existing health problems. This diet does change your chemistry to burn fat, so it’s important that you do it in the correct way.

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