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Low Carb Diet: Proven Weight Loss Is A Great Benefit

Low Carb Diet: Proven Weight Loss Is A Great Benefit

A low carb diet is exactly what it says. It’s a food diet that limits your carbohydrates and concentrates on fats and proteins as the main food sources.

Low carb diets became popular a few years ago because they can be a great way to lose weight (quickly in some instances). A diet of this type encourages the reduction or elimination of foods such as breads and grains, and a variety of fruits and starchy veggies.

Why low carb diets can work well for weight loss is this: carbs in the body tend to raise blood sugar levels. Once that takes place insulin kicks in and is instrumental in driving blood sugar into the cells.

This can then prevent fat breakdown within the body keeping you from burning excess fat and losing weight. Conversely the opposite can happen if carbs are greatly reduced.

For carboholics like me the question then becomes: If I cut back on carbs what do I eart?! In exchange for all those glorious breads and pastas and starches you substitute proteins. These are foods like meats (beef and poultry and fish) and eggs, and dairy products and some vegetables (non starch).

The benefits of eating this way can result in some weight loss. In fact many people have lost more weight with a low carb diet than with a low fat, low calorie diet.

Like most diets, you must continue to eat this way to maintain the weight loss. In other words it must become a lifestyle change.

You lose weight with this diet for several reasons:

First there is the water weight loss. When it decreases the carb intake your body burns off glycogen. Since glycogen is made up largely of water you will be eliminating this water through increased urination. This will cause some immediate weight loss.

For reasons that are unknown a low carb diet tends to decrease your appetite. And when you are eating carbs it also gives you the feeling of being more full.

This is because you are now eating foods higher in fat and protein. These take longer to digest so you feel full for a longer period of time.

The last reason you tend to lose weight with this diet is that you’re reducing calories. This is a big key to losing weight. Carbs tend to be higher in calories than the proteins you are substituting. Lower carbs and you lower calories.

Another health benefit of the low cal diet is that you may be able to lower your blood cholesterol levels. This does depend upon what foods you eat as the substitute.

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