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Low Carb Diet Menus ? Just Another Way To Add Up To The Non-Sustainable Weight Loss Frustration

Low Carb Diet Menus ? Just Another Way To Add Up To The Non-Sustainable Weight Loss Frustration

You should just check out the low carb diet menus, it actually looks like a luxurious diet to me. Unlimited amounts of meat, cheese and butter – wow! It does sound interesting.

But do these lavish low carb diet menus really solve the purpose?

Remember, a person opting for this kind of a diet, is actually looking for a way to shed those extra pounds. The good news is that these low carb diet menus will help in achieving this – but only initially.

The day you stop eating low carb foods, the weight is sure to reach back to normal again – the very point from where you started.

Sounds frustrating. I know it is. Let me explain why this happens.

When you restrict the intake of carb rich food, the level of insulin which is responsible for breaking down this carb and converting it into fat also goes down.

But as you know, our body gets energy to work from these carbohydrates only. Due to their shortage, it starts using glycogen present in the body. Each gram of glycogen has 4 gms of water attached to it.

Now, when glycogen is getting consumed instead of carbs, the water molecules attached to it start getting consumed too. And this is when you witness a “Water Weight Loss”.

When you get back on your normal diet, the consumption of glycogen is no more required. And eventually you regain the temporary weight which you lost while on the diet.

So, you see, it is not that you are burning the actual fats which are deposited inside the body. And hence the results will always be short-lived.

No, I am not saying that you need to put yourself on a tedious exercise program for achieving this. As per the experts, these rigorous exercises too end up building the frustration for a futile weight loss.

What you need is a tested and proven way backed up with real time studies which explains how eating correct food items at regular time intervals can help you get back the figure you have always dreamt of.

While low carb diet menus and other like diets can only provide temporary results, there are other recognized programs which can share the complete information on what to eat and when to eat – for maximum weight loss.

If you want to know further about one such effective sustainable weight loss program, visit my website listed below. There are no low carb diet menus involved and you can eat anything and as much as you want, provided you do it as per the suggested plan. Do visit to know more.

John F. Harris is an active researcher of weight loss issues. To learn how to lose those pounds permanently through a simple yet effective diet plan, visit the web site and see how it stacks up against other common weight loss treatment options.

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