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Low Carb Diet Food Can Never Provide A Sustainable Weight Loss

Low Carb Diet Food Can Never Provide A Sustainable Weight Loss

If you want to really lose weight permanently, low carb diet food is just not your thing. Tell me, how many times has it happened that you have tried a fad diet and seen any visible results?

Ok. And how many times were you able to sustain it? The very fact that you are here, answers this question that you are still not in the shape you have always dreamt of.

If you take the advice of medical experts, low carb diet food would not do much good to you. Before I explain that, first a brief background is in order.

A low carb diet is essentially comprised of foods which are rich in proteins and fats; and low in carbohydrates. Low carb diet food includes meat, fish, eggs, cheese, low starch green vegetables etc.

The basic principle on which this diet is based is that carbs are readily converted into fats by the action of insulin. When the carb intake is reduced, the insulin level also goes down and the glucagon level increases.

This glucagon is a hormone that causes the fats to be burnt and hence you lose weight.

Irrespective of how much convincing this theory is; the facts actually dare to differ.

The truth is that when body is starved of carb foods, it starts depending on the glycogen stores for energy. Each gram of glycogen is actually attached to 4 gms of water.

And it is the loss of this water weight which actually reflects on your weighing scale! You are not losing the actual fat accumulated inside the body.

This is the reason you witness a sudden dip in weight only while you are on a low carb diet. The day you stop it, you gain as much weight and it comes back to normal. All your efforts have thus gone in vain.

I am sure you must have already witnessed the resulting frustration many times before. If not, take my word, and do not even attempt to try any weight loss program unless you check the facts to ensure it really will work.

The key to rapid and sustainable weight loss is not in low carb diet food. Rather it lies in eating the right foods in right intervals of time.

It has already been proven that you do not need these kind of starving fad diets to lose that extra and unwanted fat – all you need is to focus on the right problem and attack it in the right manner.

If you search on the Internet, you will find a few programs based on this theory. Instead of making you eat only low carb diet food, they will share the correct way to lose weight naturally and permanently. If you want to find more related information on one such tried and tested program, visit my website listed below.

John F. Harris is an active researcher of weight loss issues. To learn how to lose those pounds permanently through a simple yet effective diet plan, visit the web site and see how it stacks up against other common weight loss treatment options. Check out this video to discover high protein vegetarian and vegan foods. You’ll be surprised by how much protein is in a lot of “so called low protein foods”. I’m sure this video will cause bodybuilders and protein supplement addicts to freak out. Here we have another episode of Craig in the Kitchen. Today we are talking about Vegetarian protein sources, and what’s in my cupboards. We’ve done my fridge, so today we’ll look at some of the foods that are surprisingly high in protein. Most people make a big deal out of protein, and for fat loss it’s a tricky subject. We aren’t going to go into too much detail in regards to that, but for muscle building, protein is actually overrated. If you’re eating a lot of calories, then you’ll have no problem getting your protein, even if you’re like me and following a vegan diet. So what are the protein sources that I’m eating? First of all, we have Ezekiel cereal. A lot of people ask me questions about this stuff, exactly, where they can get it? We have it in health food stores and some grocery stores. The Ezekiel cereal has 8 grams of protein per half cup serving and you all know how easy it is to get 1 or even 2 cups of cereal in your bowl. So, from that alone you’ll be getting a lot of protein, especially if you mix it with something like Hemp Bliss, a beverage containing 5 grams of protein Almond Breeze on the other hand, only has 1 gram of protein/cup. Another thing I eat a lot of is oatmeal, specifically
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