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Low Carb Diet During Pregnancy – Reasons It Is Not A Good Idea

Low Carb Diet During Pregnancy – Reasons It Is Not A Good Idea

Eating the right food items during your pregnancy comes as a mandatory advice. Whatever food you take would determine the health of your baby. With the increasing number of advertisements on low carb diets, women today are perplexed going about the right pattern. Low Carb could have benefits as well as negative effects up on your health and the baby’s too. There are many restrictive patterns about following and not following a diet low in carb. Read on to know more.

Getting pregnant by maintaining a diet low in carbohydrates is never a good idea for any woman. Every woman for that matter needs to ensure that she is quite healthy before she even plans to conceive. For the child to be in right physical conditions and get the apt growth, she needs to make sure about healthy intake of food. Vitamins and nutrients should never be missing when one is pregnant. Many experts are of the opinion that diets which are not rich in carbohydrates would never prove beneficial to any adult in the long term. Conversely it is never advisable for the fetus either.

Research effects

In the late years of the decade of 1960, few European universities did research among pregnant mothers to support the effects of diet that is less in carbohydrates. The diet which was followed was matching the Atkins’s program which people are aware about, today. When checked, out of about 100 children born to these women, there were elevated instances of high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The theory concluded saying that imbalance in diet when pregnant could cause unusual stress to the baby that is unborn. Furthermore, early effects of nutrition in a baby’s life is no where supporting the facts of low carbohydrates in a woman when she is pregnant.

Why is this chosen?

Most women are of the opinion that a diet low in carbohydrates would help in not putting up too much of weight during pregnancy. However, the fact of constituting your diet with all sorts of nutrient patterns before and after conceiving would be a right choice than going for an exclusive low Carb diet during pregnancy. Doctors would commonly prescribe a well balanced diet for any woman who is pregnant. This is safest for any expecting mother.

Make your choice

Everyone would undoubtedly have their own choices and preferences in the patterns of food consumed. However, while you are pregnant, it is essential to consider the best of two people involved; you and the baby. Low Carb diets and pregnancy would perhaps never get along very well.

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