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Low Carb Breakfasts – Choose From These Plenty Good Ideas On How To Limit Your Meal

People who are new to low-carb dieting find it challenging on what to prepare for breakfast. Accustomed-foods such as loaf of bread, packet of oatmeal or cereal will replace the table. Since low-carb diets are not regarded highly by doctors and nutritionists, it is recommended that people avoid simple carbohydrates and plan their breakfast to be high in protein. There are many plenty good ideas to prepare delicious and filling breakfast.

Here, we give you seven recipes to start your day.

1. Fried eggs with Jicama hash browns – Jicama is a type of crunchy, slightly sweet vegetable that fries up like potatoes. To prepare, simply peel off jicama’s skin and slice them off. Chop half of small onion and heat up cooking oil over a medium-high heat in a fry pan. Fry the onion first until translucent and add jicama vegetables until brown. Sprinkle small quantity of salt and pepper and top it on fried eggs.

2. Hard-boiled egg sandwich – Use multi-grain sandwich thins because they are low-carb bread perfect for sandwiches, and they toast up good. Prepare eggs to be boiled hard. Toast the sandwich thins and layer one piece of cheese, eggs, salt, and pepper. There is an option of eating the sandwich thin open-faced for truly low-carb.

3. Berries and plain yogurt – For those who have not known yet, berries are good for people on low-carb diets because they are packed with nutrients, they can satisfy the cravings for something sweet, and they contain few carbohydrates. Plain yogurt is good also because it is packed with calcium while low in carbohydrates. Eat a cup of yogurt and ½ cup of berries to have 15g of carbohydrates.

4. Low-carb tortillas with scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, and jalapenos – These low-carb tortillas are good replacement for burrito. It is easy to prepare all you have to do is scramble the eggs with jalapeno and put the batter in the tortilla. Top it with cheese and salsa and serve for breakfast. The total carb content depends on the tortillas used. Usually, it has 20g of carb.

5. Cantaloupe and cottage cheese – 1 cup of sliced cantaloupe has only 16g of carbohydrates while the protein and calcium from the cottage cheese is abundant. It is a good combination as it can satisfy sweet cravings.

6. Bacon and eggs – it is delicious, has easy-to-prepare steps and zero carb per serving yet high on protein and fat. It can make people satisfied and full for longer hours.

7. Muffins, biscuits and other bread can be prepared from flax meal, almond meal and other low-carb ingredients.

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