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Low Calorie? Low Carb?

Low Calorie? Low Carb?

Before considering any weight loss plan it is best to be informed. Today I am going to explain the difference between low-calorie weight loss plans and low-carb weight loss plans. We will explore the pros and cons of each plan so you can make the best decision possible for your personal lifestyle.


Low-Carb Weight Loss Plans:


Are weight loss plans that restrict carbohydrate consumption. Foods such as breads and pasta are high in digestible carbohydrates. These foods are either limited or replaced with foods that are high in protein, fats, and other low-carb foods as green leafy vegetables.




Fast weight loss

You do not go hungry

Eat good foods

Easy to get started




Giving up breads and pasta

Giving up common bakery items

Giving up most snack items

Bland food choices



Let’s discuss a couple of each in detail. Low-carb weight loss plans are fairly easy to get started. With cutting out several items from your diet such as breads and pastas you are left with meats and veggies. So although they are easy to get started it can be an expensive way to go.


You can lose weight at a fast pace cutting out carbohydrates. This is true you can drop the pounds pretty fast by not eating carbs but loading up on proteins, fats, and veggies instead. Although this is a fact it is not as realistic as it may appear. Giving up specific foods can lead to binge eating or giving up and gaining the weight back. If you are a strong willed person this con may not make a difference to you in the least bit.


Low-Calorie weight loss plans:


Are weight loss plans that a person consumes less than the amount of calories needed to maintain their current weight. There are no specific food restrictions but there are caloric restrictions.




No food restrictions

Easy to follow

Food industry requires food labels to provide calorie counts

Several free sources to aid in calorie counting

Fast weight loss


 Food choices based of calories alone could have negative effect on nutrition

Going to low can cause you to have complications such as feeling nauseous

Underestimating calories

Self control


Let’s take a closer look at the low-calorie pros and cons. Low-calorie weight loss plans have no food restrictions. You can enjoy anything you desire however you have to count the calories accurately in order to be successful. Almost all packaged foods and several restaurants now have calorie counts listed on labels or menus which can make a low-calorie weight loss plan appealing. Since you can enjoy anything you desire some people lack the self control to stop when they have reached their limit.


In conclusion both low-calorie weight loss plans and low-carb weight loss plans have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know more specific information you can apply the plan that is right for your lifestyle. If you are strong willed and can cut foods out and never turn back then a low-carb plan might be your fit. On the flip side if you want to continue to enjoy all foods and have the self control to stop when your limit is reached a low-calorie weight loss plan could be your best bet.

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