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Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar Free Chocolate Caramels

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  • Sugar Free Caramels
  • Low Carb
  • <1 gram net carbs per serving

Product Description
PLEASE NOTE SUMMER SHIPPING POLICY – Sugar Free Candies and Chocolates melt during the summer months. CarbSmart can never be responsible for melted candy or chocolate especially during the summer months. If your candy or chocolates arrive melted, please put them in the refrigerator until they harden again. The taste of the candy or chocolate will not be affected. Chocolate Caramels. Each bag contains 8 caramels. Each caramel is about 13/16 oz. Savor the taste of the… More >>

Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar Free Chocolate Caramels

One Response to “Judy’s Candy Co. Sugar Free Chocolate Caramels”

  • James P. Theis:

    Oookaaay, it’s official: I am ADDICTED to Judy’s sugar-free caramels! When I first tried Judy’s caramels, I tried the triple treats which made my palate sing in high praises! Then I purchased another batch of the triple treats along with the chocolate caramels. I must say that this batch tasted a little too sweet, but still deserving of 5 stars, IMO. To counter the over-sweetness, I ate them together with a few walnuts (whole, in the shell–fresher tasting) and sometimes almonds….DEEEELICIOUS!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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