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How to Live a Low Carb Lifestyle

How to Live a Low Carb Lifestyle

The idea of living a low carb life can make many people take cover and hide. The low carb lifestyle is more than simply following the Atkins diet; it’s a total change in how you eat to live. Basically more and more of your life will revolve around a particular way of eating to maintain a healthy weight. This information isn’t designed to put you off. Far from it. It’s here simply to help you acknowledge that it will take work to develop a low carb routine but once you do it’ll become much easier from that point onwards. This information is here to help you prepare for the Atkins diet; nothing more and nothing less.

The most important part of the low carb lifestyle is the diet itself. You’ll have to make a real effort to eat only low carb foods and not slip back into the habit of eating carbohydrate rich foods. Carbs themselves can be highly addictive and it only takes one slip and you’ll find yourself hooked again and suffering from those insane carb cravings. This can and will lead to a downward spiral and overall failure in your low carbohydrate dieting efforts.

One of the most tempting times to stray from the diet will be when you’re at parties, as the high carbohydrate food on offer there (chips, cake, rolls etc) will be too much for some people, and they will break their promises of not touching these high carb items. To avoid this, make sure that before you leave your home you’re stuffed full of low/no carb food, so feel much less of an urge, as it is common to arrive at parties feeling pretty hungry and this is when you’re most likely to indulge

In a principle similar to “hitting the wall”, a situation that many athletes find themselves in during the later part of a marathon where their body runs out of carbohydrates and they find it harder to run, the first couple of weeks on a low carb diet will make you feel very lethargic, while your body adjusts to its new energy source. However, like with the running phenomenon, you just need to push through this period, and once you have adjusted it will become much easier.

Low carb living is not as difficult as you might think and this article may have made that harder to believe. We just believe that honesty is the best policy for anyone starting a new diet; especially one like the Atkins diet which must be strictly adhered to for maximum results and long term weight loss. Once you see the starting results possible with low carb dieting your weekly weighin will be more than enough to keep you motivated and on the straight-and-narrow of the low carb lifestyle.

Low carb dieting is perceived as difficult and dangerous. Is this really true? How hard is it to live a truly low carb lifestyle? Find out more today at

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