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How Can Low Carbohydrates Diets Help You Lose Weight And Get Healthy?

Proponents of low- Carbohydrates diets say that lower levels of carbohydrates lowers the body’s blood sugar or glucose
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A contradiction in terms? Did you know that you can reduce the amount of sugar most recipe books recommend by as much as a quarter without taking away from the taste? Proponents of low- Carbohydrates diets say that lower levels of carbohydrates lowers the body’s blood sugar or glucose. Except for vodka and whisky, other kinds of alcohol are high on carbohydrates.
Another option is to replace your bottle of regular cooking oil with – you guessed it – olive oil. There’s got to be reason why those ingenious chefs on most cookery shows pour olive oil so liberally while tossing salads and cooking meat and salmon, right? Low- Carbohydrate baking substitutes your regular carbohydrate-rich flour with whole-wheat flour or soy flour. Not quite. No matter what weight-loss program you opt for, there’s an adage that goes: it’s all in the food you eat.
Alcohol before meals
Substitute, say, a quarter of the flour with these low-Carbohydrate kinds of flour so that the nutty flavor the latter bring is minimized. That’s why beer is a definite no-no! OK, you’re probably wondering whether you can sip a glass or two of alcohol before meals. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates are rich in starch and sugar.
Of course you can, unless you’re on a low-Carbohydrate diet! Moreover, critics of low-Carbohydrate diets say that though such diets do tend to show immediate weight loss, the effect is not lasting – they do not alter the body’s metabolism over time. Apart from the fact that the Atkins Diet allows for the low-carber a free rein over meats and eggs – which tends to raise cholesterol levels – it doesn’t seem to work for everyone.
Low-Carbohydrate snacks or junk food tends to pump the body with empty calories, depriving it of healthy nutritional elements such as fiber, fruit and grain. But first, let’s take a look at what lies behind this belief. This rather extreme suggestion was born of the belief that some overweight people suffer from “hyperinsulinism”, or a condition where the body produces excess insulin when they eat carbohydrates.
And yeast consumes vast quantities of carbohydrates. Many weight-watchers and health buffs believe that a low-Carbohydrate diet is not just healthy but is a good way to lose weight. Sugar is another baker’s delight.
No wonder the cook books are laden with low-Carbohydrate recipes. As a result, low- Carbohydrate diets substitute carbohydrates with fats and proteins. Let’s translate this into actual food. This has the dual effect of controlling food cravings as well as forcing the body to burn up fat stored in the body for use as fuel for energy.
Low- Carbohydrate Recipes
Hence, since low- Carbohydrate diets – those that contribute 10 per cent to one’s overall calorific intake – necessarily mean that fat reserved are used up, a high-fat diet is also recommended. The popularity of the low- Carbohydrate diet can be attributed to Dr Robert Atkins, a nutritionist who suggested that one consume only 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. So let’s take a look at some low- Carbohydrate recipes that can still make your mouth water.
That is, at least 60 per cent of their calories from fatty foods, except of course, saturated fats. Flour is a staple of all confectionary lovers. That’s because alcohol is fermented using yeast. And if that still sounds yummy, it’s no wonder low- Carbohydrate diets have been nicknamed luxury diets! This causes the body to store excess fats, which in turn causes it to crave for more cab stand you don’t have to compromise on taste.
Healthy Low- Carbohydrate foods
These include rice, pasta, bread, starchy vegetables such as corn and potato while proteins are considered low- Carbohydrate foods such as meat, cheese, butter, eggs and soy beans. Olive oil is high in antioxidants and it has other healthy properties as well.
That notion too deserves a slap on the wrist for there really are no free lunches for the low- Carbohydrate weight-watcher. But do not despair. So why not reach for some low- Carbohydrate junk food instead?
So the next time someone suggests a low- Carbohydrate recipe, don’t count on it! While they are not entirely wrong, the theory must be approached with caution.

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