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High Protein Low Carb Diet ? The Myth Busted

High Protein Low Carb Diet ? The Myth Busted

What is the sudden rush? Why are people running after a high protein low carb diet today? If you too are part of this rush, stop for a moment and read this article first.

You will find some astonishing but true facts about a high protein low carb diet here. The hype is finally busted. So read on to learn the facts.

First, a brief background is in order.

As is evident from the name, a high protein low carb diet is one which is rich in proteins but has restricted or no carbohydrate food involved.

Now, we all know that carbohydrates are very easily converted into fats. So ideally if you take a diet with no carbs, you would expect it to reduce its process of fat conversion and hence should lead to weight loss.

It does – but only for the short term.

The catch here is that this diet doesn’t really lead to weight loss but water loss!

When the body is starved of carbs, it starts taking energy from its glycogen stores. And each gram of glycogen has 4 grams of water attached. So although the total weight lost looks good, much of it is actually nothing more than water.

As soon as you stop the diet and carb intake returns to normal, much of this ‘water-weight’ is regained. So you are back to where you started.

You might have already experienced some similar results with your earlier diet programs. I understand how much frustrating it would be.

But don’t be discouraged. There are other good diet programs available which can help you lose that extra fat in a natural, healthy and permanent way.

The truth is that our bodies are very complex and it is not easy to understand how they work and what they want. A good and proven diet program can help you understand just this. It will also tell you how to manipulate its metabolism for a steady and permanent weight loss.

So, stop running behind the rush. A high protein low carb diet will not help you in getting a sustainable weight loss.

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