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Good Low Carb Foods For Weightloss

Good Low Carb Foods For Weightloss

Particular low carb foods are  out in shops and on menus everywhere.. This is in all likelihood why  the average person determines they want to slim down and start shaking of the extra pounds.

So how do good low carb foods work with weightloss?.  The thinking behind the low carb diet goes something like this… carbs raise blood sugar and insulin levels. This leads to weight gain. Therefore , less carbs means less weight gain. Your body also uses carbs for energy. So, if you start consuming by and large low carb foods you therefore restrict the amount of carbs you take in, your body will use glycogen and stored fat for energy instead, which is a process called ketosis.

Most low carb food  diets are not  fad diets, they do work and have proved themselves to be effective when it comes to weightloss.   Usually a  good  low carb diet will include plenty of lean protein foods such as eggs, meat and fish. In addition, low-carb diet also includes a large quantity of fats including saturated fats. Low carbohydrate diet, if followed properly, has numerous health benefits. It helps to reduce total cholesterol, bad (LDL) cholesterol and systolic blood pressure. It is also beneficial for the diabetic people, as it controls blood glucose levels. Some of the benefits of low carbohydrate foods are quick weight loss, improved triglycerides, decreased blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity, increased good (HDL) cholesterol and controlled blood pressure. Some of the potential effects of low-carb diets on the body are an increased energy, less cravings for sweets, better mental concentration, improved mood and emotions, no emotional or compulsive eating and improved dental hygiene..

Eggs, meat, fish and dairy products such as butter, cheese and cream are acceptable in low-carb diet. Fresh fish, a rich source of proteins, is also recommended in the low-carb diet. The fish that are included in the list of low carbohydrate foods are wild-caught salmon, Alaskan halibut, orange roughy, sardines, anchovies, trout, Chilean sea bass and mackerel. Shellfish such as crab, shrimp, clams, lobster and oysters can be consumed once a week. Meats such as lean red meat and wild game (pheasant, rabbit, deer, goose and duck) are acceptable once or twice a week. Grass-fed beef, which is not treated with antibiotics or hormones, and internal organs of goat such as heart, liver, bone marrow and pancreas, can be consumed once or twice in a week.

To sum up, a plan for a good low carb foods for weightloss  is all about calories and can be an effective method for quick shedding of that extra weight.

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