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Curb Your Carb Intake Wisely And Lose Weight Safely

Curb Your Carb Intake Wisely And Lose Weight Safely

Some of the most critical organs of our body NEED carbohydrates in order to perform their functions properly. These include the brain, the central nervous system and the kidneys, among others. Now can you see why eliminating carbs is a very bad move?


Aside from the outright debilitating effects on those organs, the lack of carbohydrates creates a metabolic imbalance in the body. This creates a surplus of ketones in your body which results from a condition called ketosis, which is seen in people with anorexia nervosa or untreated insulin dependent diabetes.  In other words, it will have dire effects that will result in a state of health that is much worse than what you were experiencing when you started dieting.


Moreover, the truth of the matter is that you gain weight because of the excess of calories over the amount that your body needs. This is regardless of whether the calories were from carbs or proteins.  Now the question is:  Given all these horrific consequences of carbohydrate deprivation, is there any reason why you should reduce carbohydrates at all?


The answer is YES.


Because the key to the matter is the fact that not all carbohydrates are the same. Different types of carbohydrate are broken down in very different manners. Favoring a certain type of carbohydrate can bring gains in your quest for safe weight loss.


How do you choose the proper carbohydrate? The key is the glycaemic index or GI which rates carbohydrates based on their effects on blood glucose levels.   Carbohydrates would then be rated as being either low GI (less than 55) or high GI (greater than 70).  The general consensus is for people to consume more low GI carbs compared to high GI. However the advice of experts is that the most critical part of the carbohydrate portion is the overall amount of calories ingested. This is far more important than the actual proportion of low GI to high GI.


In other words, while it is good to favor foods with low GIs, one must not monitor this while excluding overall caloric intake. The closer the calorie intake is to actual caloric needs, the better it would be for your health.  One of the best ways to lose weight is to rev up your metabolism and burn off a little bit more than what you take in. This creates a slight deficit which the body will take from the excess fat in your body.


So to say that when you curb your carb intake, you lose weight is actually an incomplete statement.  The reality is that when you curb your caloric intake, you lose weight.  Or, when you increase your calories burned, you lose weight.


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