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Choosing a Low Carb Diet Plan That is Right For You

Choosing a Low Carb Diet Plan That is Right For You

Making the leap of faith to go on a diet is never easy. So many of us get sucked into the fad diets that plague the dieting industry. Constantly looking for that new thing; the easy fix for our (let’s be honest) laziness and over eating.

But there are actually some diets out there that are based on sound principals and proven weight loss techniques. The key is not to fall into the trap of thinking that there is some magical fix to our weight problem. One of these trends that I personally believe is very healthy is the low carb trend. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating a plan that means eating 10 servings of pork every day. There are some guidelines that you need to follow when you choose to go on a low carb dieting plan. Here are a few:

? Stick with lean protein: Trust me, only eating pork and red meat is not going to get you anywhere except to the doctor’s office. You want to stick with lean proteins with low fat content. Organic chicken breasts are an excellent source for this lean protein and they have a very low unhealthy fat content. Try to stay away from thighs and wings if possible to avoid that un-needed fat, and for heaven’s sakes don’t fry it. Egg whites are another great source and if you can’t live without the yoke, try a product that is low in cholesterol like Egg BeatersĀ®. Lastly, if you want the purest form of protein available whey protein is your best bet. It is highly concentrated and extremely healthy. With little to no fat content, it packs in more healthy protein than any other product or animal bi-product available.

? Don’t completely cut out carbs: The crazy body builders and Atkins fanatics will swear by this, but don’t fall into this trap. You have to understand that any diet when taken to the extreme is a bad thing. It’s not natural, and your body needs other fuels to run properly. One of these are healthy carbs like those found in fruit and vegetables and in whole grains. If you try to stick with the natural carbohydrates your body will be able to break them down easier. Unlike products like un-natural white flour and high fructose corn syrup that is on all of the shelves these days.

? Your Body Needs Natural Oils with Omega Fatty Acids: These “good for you” oils are essential for your body and have been proven to help boost the life of cardiac cells. The most common place these fatty acids can be found are in fish and in seeds like almonds and flax seeds. The important thing to remember is that you have lots of options. Don’t feel like you have to eat 100 almonds every day. Another thing to remember is that not all nuts have these healthy oils. Peanuts for example have a different kind of oil that is not as good for you as almonds and walnuts. You also don’t want to roast or salt the nuts as that kind of defeats the purpose of eating these delicious snacks that can help your heart and immune system.

? Pace yourself and take days off of your low carb diet: Any great dietitian will tell you that you aren’t super human. As much as you’d like to think you can beat your body into submission, you have to be realistic. Nobody’s perfect, and you have to make sure that you are setting reasonable goals for yourself that fit into your current lifestyle. Otherwise, what is going to happen when you stop your diet? You will go back to your habits very quickly and get disappointed in yourself and have to start the entire process over again in the next year. So stay dedicated, but don’t forget to reward yourself and take breaks for your sanity.

What is the take away?

If you are serious about a low carb diet, make sure to do it right. Eat lean proteins and well rounded meals with lots of vegetables and other organic foods. Don’t completely go protein, your body needs some healthy carbs to operate properly. Supplement your diet often with Omega fatty acids and oils from fish, nuts, and supplements, and don’t forget to pace yourself. If you have a great week, go eat some ice cream. You’ve earned it! Just don’t eat the entire carton ok?

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