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ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars – No Maltitol – Box of 12 Bars

61WV%2BE YnoL. SL160  ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars   No Maltitol   Box of 12 Bars

  • Sugar-free
  • 2g net carbs
  • Delicious European-styled chocolate made with real cocoa butter
  • Great in recipes or right out of the package!

Product Description
PLEASE NOTE SUMMER SHIPPING POLICY – Sugar Free Chocolates melt during the summer months. CarbSmart can never be responsible for melted chocolate especially during the summer months. If your chocolates arrive melted, please put them in the refrigerator until they harden again. The taste of the bars will not be affected. Box of 12 Dark Chocolate Bars. One of the bestselling up and coming sugar-free, low-carb chocolate bars has finally arrived at CarbSmart – it’s Choc… More >>

ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars – No Maltitol – Box of 12 Bars

5 Responses to “ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars – No Maltitol – Box of 12 Bars”

  • bcgator:

    I’m a low-carb lifer, who also is a certified chocoholic, so I’ve tried most of the low-carb sweets on the market. I purchased a full box of these, so I had a chance to “live” with them for several weeks. I have to wonder if the other reviewers calling this “great” chocolate have ever actually tried anything beyond Hersheys. Because while it’s perfectly edible, it is very far from great. Have you ever had one of those cheap chocolate bunnies they sell around Easter? They cost $2, and taste like very cheap chocolate? That’s exactly what this tastes like. Again, it’s not horrible, and it’s perfectly edible, but using the word “great” when describing this chocolate is like using the word “great” when describing a Chevy Cavalier automobile. It’s entirely inaccurate. This tastes like cheap chocolate, but for what it is intended – low carb eating without terrible stomach distress – it does work. But please don’t buy this thinking you’re getting a wonderful chocolate experience. It’s not even as good as a Nestle bar, and it’s like eating tree bark compared to Recchiuti, or Fazer from Finland, or even Godiva. Would I buy it again? No, I’d rather eat Lindt 85% dark and take in 1-2 carbs of real chocolate. But if I were forced to a life of sugar-free chocolate, this would be acceptable.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • N. K. Shapiro:

    A great find for the low-carb eater. Smooth consistency, deep satisfying chocolate flavor, no weird aftertaste, not too sweet, not too bitter, and supposedly just 2 net grams of carb per bar. I have one a few times a week and remain in ketosis.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • S. Ward:

    My nephew found these chocolate bars and told me about them. He is on a low carb diet as I am also. We love them! Wish they were a little less expensive!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • estelle:

    I have only tried the dark chocolate bars.


    Minimal impact on blood sugar

    Does not cause rebound hunger or cravings

    No artificial sweetener after-taste

    No artificial sweetener gastro-intestinal problems (maltitol & sucralose cause me big problems)

    Smooth texture (not grainy or dry)


    Not as sweet or chocolatey as regular or maltitol sweetened chocolate

    Somewhat waxy mouth-feel


    Rating: 4 / 5

  • K. Stowe:

    I’m doing the ketogenic low-carb diet that restricts my carbs to less than 20 a day. I never thought I’d eat chocolate again! These bars are the real deal, great tasting dark chocolate that even chocolate lovers will LOVE! Atkins bars, and any others with alcohol-sugars will knock you out of ketosis and stall your weight loss, these don’t! I use keto-stix by Bayer to check for ketones (the evidence of being in ketosis)and Atkins knocked me out of ketosis and these don’t. Plus these taste better! Best low carb product, period!!! Did I mention I like them?!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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