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Benefits of A Low Carb Diabetes Diet

Benefits of A Low Carb Diabetes Diet

Diabetes is a disease in which the patient experiences gradual increase in the blood sugar level. There are a variety of reasons which causes this disease such as, being over weight, wrong eating habits, irregular sleep, unlimited consumption of junk food and no resistance to chocolates, sweets and other such food item containing sugar in high doses. With these food items in your diet chart the dream of combating diabetes will only remain a dream.

A diabetic person needs to take care of their eating habits and settle for a sugar free, low carb, low calorie diet. A low carb diabetes diet basically consists of protein rich foods such as fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt etc. Besides these vegetables such as carrots, avocado, spinach and other green vegetables are extremely essential. Food grains like kidney beans are also recommended.

The basic merits of a low carb diabetes diet can be mentioned under the following points:

A low carb diet substitutes carbohydrates with a preferably higher intake of fat. This fat burns to provide the patient with a comparatively higher amount of energy.

A low carb meal contains protein, fat, and lesser active carbohydrates which breaks down very slowly and gradually. Thus a person adapting to this diet feels that his stomach is full for a longer period of time.

A person settling for low carb diet can take in a higher dose of calorie without putting on unnecessary weight.

The most important benefit of a low carb diet is that it releases nutrients in the blood without causing a rise in the sugar level of the blood.

Below are three very quick and easy to prepare recipes for a sugar free, low carb diabetes diet.

Pineapple Yogurt

Ingredients- low fat yogurt, pineapple crushed into small pieces, splenda.
Preparation- mix all the above mentioned ingredients together and blend them uniformly. Add salt to taste, and your yummy pineapple yogurt is ready.

Bacon And Broccoli Salad

Ingredients- cooked bacon slices, broccoli, onion, raisins, milk, vinegar and sun flower seeds.
Preparation- Putt all the vegetables in a bowl, add vinegar, raisins and salt to taste and mix well. Garnish with milk and sun flower seeds. It is an excellent choice to maintain your blood sugar level.

Corn Bread

Ingredients- Double toned milk, canned corn, flour, baking soda, eggs.
Preparation- Mix all the above ingredients in a dish and pour it in a heated frying pan to heat. After heating it slightly put it in a baking dish and bake at medium temperature. Serve hot.
Show your culinary skills by making use of these low carb diabetes diet recipes and guiding your family towards a diabetes free life.

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