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Atkins Low Carb Diet Related Health Questions Answered

Atkins Low Carb Diet Related Health Questions Answered

Here we will address some of the most often discussed Low Carb Diet related Health Questions vis a vis Atkins Diet.

Question: What impact does Atkins Diet have on our Health? How Does Atkins Diet help to achieve good health?

Answer: By following the Atkins Low Carb Foods Diet it is possible to change our metabolism for the better and lose weight. When we start eating foods that are high in protein and fat and cut down on foods, which are high in carbohydrate, our metabolism starts to undergo a change called Ketosis, which ultimately results in weight loss.

Question: Good health is synonymous with Low Carb Foods’ in Atkins Diet. And While disussing Atkins diet Ketosis is used very prominently. What is Ketosis?

Answer: Ketosis is a process when our body starts to use body fat to function instead of carbohydrate as carbs intake has been restricted. This process occurs when you are on low carb foods and your carbohydrate intake per day is less than 40grams. Atkins allows only 20 grams of it. If you are not able to cut down on your beloved potatoes, pasta and rice then the weight loss may happen very slowly as carbs get comsumed  through these foods. But please remember that it’s not a good idea to be in ketosis long term.

Question: Can a Pregnant woman go on Atkins Diet?
Answer: Pregnant women have generally not been seen to follow Atkins Diet. Whether its pregnancy or any other medical condition – if there exisits any, it’s best to ask your doctor before starting to follow any type of diet.  There are women who have started on Atkins diet after delivering the baby so that they can burn the extra fat. It’s a long and slow process.

Question: I am new to Atkins Diet. What are the facts I should keep in mind?
Answer: As a newbie, you have to remember that there are people who find the first two or three days difficult because they feel tired and some also complain of headache. May be you are one of those. So nothig to worry. After passing through this stage the energy levels return to normal. People have even felt better once fully into and used to the diet. Also remember that the Atkins Diet is good if you only have a stone or two to lose.

Question: Is it a good option for Vegetarians?
Answer: No Atkin’s Low Carb Diet is not good for people who are pure vegetarians.

Question: Can I take Alcohol When I am on Atkins Diet?
Answer: No. Atkins Diet, Alcohol and Good health don’t go together.
Question: Can I take Caffeine when I am on Atkins Diet?
Answer: Sorry. No. You can’t have Caffeine

Question: Is exercise recommended with Atkins Diet?
Answer: Yes. Vitamin supplements and exercise forms a major part of following Atkins Diet.

Question: What are the Low Carb Food items allowed while one is following Atkins Diet?
Answer:  Some examples of  Low Carb Foods are chicken, turnkey, beef, eggs, shellfish, lots of vegitables, cream, tea and coffee without milk. You can also have cheese, avocados, nuts, butter etc. You can’t have fruits, potatoes, rice, pasta, alcohol, etc. When you go on this diet, you are provided with a list of foods you can and can’t have.

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