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Atkins Diet Shopping – Sticking To Low-Carb Foods!

Atkins Diet Shopping – Sticking To Low-Carb Foods!

When you begin the Atkins diet program, you are stepping into a new world of healthy eating. And this fact is most obvious when you stand at the supermarket. All of a sudden, your favorite foods like pasta and bread, macaroni and cheese aren’t on your list anymore. For the first couple of shopping trips you may feel very uncomfortable and out-of-place. But with a little effort and practice, you will feel just the same as you were before.

Your Atkins shopping begins before you enter the store. You will find several resources that serve as shopping lists, on the internet and in Atkins books. Always make a list of all the recipes for that week, before you go shopping, so that you will know what you require to prepare each meal. Make it a point to buy low-carb snacks to eat between meals.

Make sure you plan modifications for the meals of the rest of your family. In the long run, it will be difficult to prepare entirely different meals for your family and yourself. The best idea would be to cook a main dish for the whole family including yourself, and a side dish with rich carb content for the family. Suppose you are making meatloaf, just add one half of a potato for everyone else.

After you make the meal chart for the week, it’s time to go shopping. Always buy the protein foods and fresh produce first. It may sound as though it is an insignificant detail which will not create a big difference, but it is quite on the contrary. Once you fill your cart with foods that are allowed, there will not be room for other things.

Another thing you may want to try is purchasing meat in bulk. You can save a lot of money provided you know where you can buy family sized packages. When you buy large quantities, you can also cook them in large portions. When you allot time to cook meat once in few days, it makes your Atkins plan easy. You can just cook the meat earlier and get it ready whenever you need it. Also consider buying chicken, small steaks, ground beef and seafood in bulk.

If you are fond of cheese, you can buy that too in bulk. Several stores offer cheese in huge bricks. Always read the label carefully before you buy the cheese. Ensure that you eat some fiber food like raw veggies and salads while eating cheese. When you have large bricks of cheese lying around, it becomes very easy to grab a snack between meals.

While walking around at the supermarket, stay near the outermost aisles. They have the fresh foods. Imagine your grocery store. You will almost always find the meat counter; produce section and deli along the last, outermost aisles while packaged foods are in the other aisles. This point is very important if you are in the early stages of Atkins diet. It is better to avoid all packaged foods during introduction, irrespective of whether they are low on carbohydrates. Once you start adding more carbohydrates to your daily count, you can try low-carb packaged items.

This brings us to our next tip. Always remember to check the labels! Though an item may claim to be low carb, it may contain sugars. Check properly and investigate at the store so that you can avoid buying products that will make you gain weight.

You may require some practice to get the hang of shopping for your Atkins diet. You may start wandering in unfamiliar sections of the supermarket. You might find yourself buying items you have never cooked before. But if you plan your shopping and show some strong commitment towards low carb products, it will make your job very easy. Just remember to take a list before going to the store, and always stay in the outer aisles. This way, you will become a professional low carb shopper in no time.

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