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Atkins Diet Menu Helps You Stick to Low Carb Diet

Atkins Diet Menu Helps You Stick to Low Carb Diet

Who has not heard of The Atkins Diet Menu! It’s all over the place. We are bumping into people following low carb Atkins diet at family functions, at parties, at work places, market places, everywhere. Not to forget the Hollywood celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker has also got hooked to it!

Men and women – it’s equally popular amongst both. Atkins Low Carb Diet plan is different from other low carb diet programs in the sense that the Atkins diet plan doesn’t allow more than 20 grams of carbs intake per day which triggers ketosis while other plans allow 50 or sometimes even 60 grams of carbohydrates intake per day.

Atkins Diet Menu is based on intake of food that is low on carbs and high on proteins and fats. Shifting to this type of diet plan helps to burn the stored fat in the body. This in turn results in making a person lose weight! Simple. This is why Atkins Diet plan is such a popular Low Carb Diet Plan.

It’s worth remembering that two people following Atkins Diet Menu to lose wieght may have different results to show depending upon their individual  metabolism, and other factors. Sticking to low carb diet will not work identically for people. Each one of us will react differently to low carb diet plan.

The best thing about Atkins Diet Menu is that  you are allowed to eat meat, vegetables, nuts, fish, eggs, cheese etc, in moderation albiet. This is what makes the low carb diet so popular amongst one and all. It doesn’t allow intake of fruits, potatoes, alcohol, caffeine, rice, pasta etc. Processed and tinned ready to eat foods are also a strict no-no as they may contain hidden sugar which may result in increased intake of carbs, without your being aware of it.

People who follow Atkins Diet Menu have reported that following this low carb diet controls their sugar level, which in turn results in reduced and  false hunger pangs etc. Low carb diet puts the body in the state of ketosis which suppresses the hunger.

When we eat our regular food, the first thing our body burns is the carb and when we cut down on our carb intake by following low carb diet plan, the body instead of buring carbs, now starts to burn fat stores. When this happens, the processs is called Ketosis.

When you are on low carb diet you feel less hungry and your munching of snacks gets cut down drastically. This helps you to lose weight much faster and more effectively. Also, with Atkins Diet there is no mental block that you are dieting, since you are allowed to eat so much variety. It has often been seen and experienced by most of us that the mere thought of dieting or fasting makes us hungry. Following Atkins Diet  has no such issues.  

The low carb diet plan introduced by Dr Atkins has not ignored people with sweet tooth either. Products like shakes, choclates and bars are available to satiate the sweet tooth. In some cases Type 2 diabetes has also been brought under control by following this diet.

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