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Are Low Carb Diets not safe?

Today everyone is either on the Atkins or the South Beach Diet and I cannot help but ask if low to no carb diets are safe? We will be discussing whether the low carb diets are safe.

So what are low carb diets? Every low-carb diet is different however the common theme is if you eat too many carbs or a high amount of carbohydrates, it leads to overeating and possibly obesity. The recommended daily allowance of carbohydrates 300 g per 2000 calories, Atkins and some of the other low-carb diets recommend 20 g per day which is less than 5%. Some studies have shown that participants who successfully followed the low-carb diets for six months have lost a considerable amount of weight however the same participants have gained weight after the initial weight loss. There is no doubt that you will lose weight on the low-carb diet but is it safe.

The problem with these diets is they require you to eat high-fat foods that can increase your chances of getting heart disease, high cholesterol and or possibly some cancer. Most will conclude that high-fat or high protein diet will experience quick weight loss but the long-term consequences can be a disaster.

So when planning your diet take some time to do some research. Much of the weight loss from first few weeks of this diet are from dehydration or muscle loss. Yes a low-carb diet will grant you some short-term weight loss but the long-term effect could be a bad one for your health.

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